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Travel Tips: International Airport Taxes

People pesky airport taxes are the worst thing about international travel. It is an easily forgotten fact that airport taxes are charges to international travelers for their "use" of the airport or any other such thing. In spite of the fact that many global airports used tiny kiosks to collect the money and kept a ticket, most have switched to a program where the taxation is included in the cost of your airfare. Only a handful countries in the world still make use of these annoying kiosks at airport tax. This can really impact the final few minutes of your trip. Visit before reading this.

These taxes, also called entry taxes or departure taxes, are used by countries around the globe to make a quick buck from travelers. These taxes are often overlooked by most countries, as they use an airfare-inclusive system. If you do travel to a country where these taxes are not required, however, you will need to pay them at an airport kiosk.

Airport departure fees vary in amount and can be as low as a few dollars of local currency or as high at $100 USD. The same applies to Australian and North American travellers to Argentina who must pay a "reciprocity charge". This tax is equal to the amount that Argentine citizens should pay for a Visa to the United States.

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