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My prediction is that the next magic potion would be about "Brown Fat."

According to science, this type of fat may be a natural substance found in the human body. This could help your body burn hundreds more calories each day. Someone looking to slim down will be interested in something like this. The best part is that it can be done with minimal effort and increase your daily calorie burn. However, the question is how can we make this magical substance work harder for us? Visit before reading this.

My only suggestion on how to increase your metabolically active fat is to put your body under cold temperatures. According to this theory, brown fat is more likely to be produced when a body is exposed to cold temperatures.

I am not convinced that making the body cool would be enough to make weight loss happen. If more brown fat = weight loss = more calories burned, Vermonters could shed weight like water off a duck every January. The flip side of this coin is that I think the opposite may be true. Many studies have shown that people living in colder climates gain more weight. I doubt it is wise to spend your time in a snow bank wearing a bathing suit in order to lose pounds. However, it wouldn't surprise me if someone wrote a book about this.

I am also concerned about the science of brown butter. The pill and powder manufacturers now have a new angle for creating products. There is a small amount of science to suggest that the body might produce more brown fat or that the mineral might make it more metabolically active. And they'll hype that ingredient like it's the next Star Wars movie. But, just because something has been proven to improve some aspect of your body doesn't necessarily mean you will lose weight. It doesn't mean that you will lose weight.