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Howard G Charing, Peter Cloudsley, and Javier Arevalo join Artidoro and Artidoro to discuss the healing and spirit-healing properties of medicinal and spirit healing plants. You can see AyahuascaHealings american church on our website.

Rosa Sisa

These are a form of Marigold. They are used in baths, especially for children who have'mal aire. This malady is caused by the death of a family member and causes the child to be unhappy and uneasy. The spirit of the deceased grandfather or whoever it is lingers on the child and causes them to become sick. The spirit of the deceased grandfather is sad to leave and remains in the house to try to comfort the family. This causes them to become sick. Rosa Sisa is also used to control vomiting.

A typical scenario is for an envying neighbor to grab a handful from the cemetery, and then throw it into your home to spread boredom or heavy feelings.
You can also use water to clean the floor if there is a problem in the house (e.g. people are bored or agitated).

For the same purpose, you can also have the flowers in a vase within your house. To absorb negativity and envy from others, many people plant them along the front doors of their houses. The flowers turn black but then they regenerate.
Marigolds are also great for making wishes. Just like with a dandellion, you can use them to blow your wish into the air.

Susto (fright), or manchare, are common maladies that children suffer from. Camalonga, a tree that grows in the woods, can be used to treat them. However, many people plant it in city flower pots. Camalonga smells of garlic and onions. It can also be macerated in alcohol so that it can be applied to the skin. For soul retrieval cases, a prayer or song could be used simultaneously.

Manchare is a condition where a child jumps down from trees to receive a larger bump than they expected. This is where the Rosa Sisa gets tied into a bunch using a white ribbon. Then, the ribbon is brushed all over the body starting at the top. This is because the crown of your head represents the spirit. The child's name is used as the name to invoke the spirit again.
It can also be used in fever emplasts.


You can choose from a large tree with thick trunk or a smaller, slimmer tree with small leaves. It is the same tree used to make tornillo, which makes good timber. This branch can be bent twice and not broken, making it ideal for yoga and general flexibility.

It is beneficial for prolepses and chronic diarrhoea. It can be used as a teacher plant to aid in disorientation and feeling lost.
Showering after drinking is important as it helps to sweat out all the toxins.


This plant is rarely known or used. This plant is similar to chuchahuasi. It can be used for vaginal discharge, cold, breast cancer, and after surgery. It can be made in alcohol or water. Painkiller.
The combination of Ushcaquiro and Huairacaspi makes a great treatment for arthritis.