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Drywall contractors can handle the finishing.

Over the years, I have been reluctant to take on many drywall jobs. It wasn't because of my choice, but out of necessity. I've found myself in a mess with remodeling projects when money is tight. If there's one thing that I learned from my experience is that finishing drywall should not be done by amateurs. Perhaps you've fallen prey to the "how difficult is it?" school of thought. This mentality has gotten me in many trouble, but the frustrations I have had while trying to finish drywall has been the most frustrating. You can see drywall contractor on our website.

I was inspired to create a room in our garage for a large scale model railroad layout. I originally planned to just build a wall with a door that would be prehung to divide the two bays. I found that the basic design was far too simple for my tastes, as is often the case with me. I decided to add drywall to three of the walls to make the painted landscape look right in the background. "Wouldn't it look cool to have beautiful mountains, blue sky, little painted trees, and trains surrounded by them?" Retrospectively, I think that just attaching a border of painted panels to the table would have worked just as well. It would have been way too easy. I'm a glutton for punishment and had to finish the room in order to get the effect I was after.

However, I've never had trouble hanging drywall. It's easy to cut the boards to the required dimensions, then attach a few screws to the studs. When I have the finishing tape, a mud-knife and my hands, the fun begins. This is when the fun begins and all hell breaks loose. I don’t know about you but I think I have the personality that believes "if a little is good than more is better". However, this is not true in the case with drywall mud. After hours of slapping on a thick coating of mud, then furious sanding and more mud, the seam ends up being a floor to ceiling speed bump. The room in which my work is taking place has two inches of dusty powdery white dust, second only to the moon's surface. I look at my finished product and exclaim, "That looks like crap!" Why didn’t I get a good drywall contractor for this job?

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